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TinCanTalk Refer a Freind

Our Referral Rewards program pays you just to talk.

It's not selling. It's just talking to someone about how much money you are saving on your phone bill and asking them to check it out. We can email you Referral cards with our Website you can hand out if you would like.

How does it work? How much can I get?
Well, you refer someone and they sign up for any of our VOIP services. We credit your account a month later for the equivalent of the monthly service fee of your referral.

There is no limit to these rewards.
Any VOIP service, VOIP Business or VOIP Residential plans. One of our customers got a whole year free by referring 3 of her friends and her Chiropractor.

We also have a Friends and Family plan where we can give you free talk time to talk with each other. Ask about it when your friend and family member signs up.

We will greatly appreciate your business and your kind words and this is one of the ways we can show it.

By Email refer@TinCanTalk.com

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